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In choosing a lawyer to represent you, professionalism, strong leadership and competitive legal knowledge are essential to look for, but practical experience with the real world issues is extremely important as well.  The law firm Dance & Waldman, PLLC, offers  clients the fruit of Thomas B. Dance's and Barry J. Waldman's detailed knowledge of Virginia legal processes and that of the real world experience with both divorce, child custody, child support, business and traffic offense cases.

Whether your matter is a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, modification of child custody or child support, incorporation of your business, or a traffic violation, the law firm of Dance & Waldman, PLLC, will fight aggressively for you and your legal rights. It is the mission of our firm to provide professional, practical and high-quality legal representation to you. Contact us at 540-548-3333 to learn how we can help you today.

An Intelligent, Practical Approach to Your Legal Matter

The attorneys at Dance & Waldman, PLLC, approach to the practice of law involves practical cost-benefit analysis and an honest assessment of each client's case.  This means that before we pursue any legal path, we will help you examine, analyze and assess the potential legal consequences, the financial cost and impact to you, the emotional impact, and the time commitment and processes involved — and we will be honest about what options are available to you. Dance & Waldman, PLLC, will help you make informed, wise decisions about your case before embarking down the path of divorce, child support, child custody or business litigation. Our commitment to you is to be thoughtful, practical, efficient and cost-effective.

Contact Stafford County Attorneys for Divorce, Child Custody, Business disputes, Criminal and Traffic Violations

If you are searching for a Spotsylvania divorce lawyer or a Stafford County criminal attorney who is accessible and reasonably priced, contact the law firm Dance & Waldman, PLLC.  The attorneys at our firm will be happy to talk through your questions and concerns and explain your options.