Initial Consultation

The consultation fee for family law cases, such as divorce, custody and visitation, and for other civil cases is $150.00 for the 60 minute appointment. There is no consultation fee for criminal matters or traffic offenses.

Retaining Dance & Waldman, PLLC to represent you.

Depending on the type of case, Spotsylvania and Stafford County Divorce and Custody Attorneys Thomas B. Dance, Esq. or Barry J. Waldman, Esq. will be able to represent you in your case on a "flat fee" or on an "hourly" basis.

Flat Fee Cases: Spotsylvania family law attorneys Thomas B. Dance, Esq. and Barry J. Waldman are able to offer a flat fee, which is a one-time payment, for the following types of cases: uncontested divorces (subject to certain requirements), name changes, protective orders, business formation, the preparation of business documents, serving as a registered agent for the business, all criminal cases and traffic offenses, last will & testaments, advance medial directives, durable power of attorney, and medical power of attorney. All filing fees required by the court and any service fees will be an additional cost that will be discussed and identified during the initial consultation.

"Hourly" Matters: A contested divorce, negotiated separation agreement and uncontested divorce, custody, visitation and support cases, enforcement of separation agreements and court orders, and litigated business disputes are considered "hourly" matters. In order to hire Stafford County Family Law Attorneys Thomas B. Dance or Barry J. Waldman, an advance on fee payment (also known as a retainer) is placed on deposit with the firm and held in trust. Billing invoices are provided to the client on a monthly basis which illustrate the legal services that were performed on behalf of the client and the associated payment. During the case, additional advance on fee deposits may be requested if the funds in the client's trust account fall below the minimum balance required as stated in the client's employment agreement. Advance on fee deposits can range between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on the type of case, the facts of the case, and the complexity of the matter. Because everyone's case is different, the advance on fee deposit will be quoted to the client at the conclusion of the initial consultation.  Blind quotes will not be provided over the phone.

Contact King George and Spotsylvania County Family Law Attorneys Thomas B. Dance, Esq. and Barry J. Waldman, Esq. today at 540-548-3333 to schedule your initial consultation.