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If you are a parent, the care and custody of your child is likely among your very biggest concerns when going through the family law legal process. If you are going through a divorce or if you are an unmarried parent with a custody or visitation problem, you may have numerous questions about how to resolve your situation.

If you need legal advice and representation about child custody and visitation matters, we can help you address these vital issues and work toward acquiring a solution that will help serve the best interest of your children. Contact us to speak to an experienced child custody and visitation attorney.

Initial Determination, Modification, Amendment and Enforcement of Child Custody and Visitation Orders

When parents cannot agree on who will have custody or visitation regarding their children, custody and visitation are determined by the Court. The law firm of Dance & Waldman, PLLC works with Virginia parents, and out-of-state parents with children in Virginia, who are working to gain or preserve the custody and visitation of their children. Specifically, we can help you by:

  • Preparing and filing initial petitions with a Court for legal and physical custody of your child
  • Moving the Court to modify or amend an existing custody or visitation order
  • Enforcing, through the Courts, custody and visitation orders that are not being honored
  • Creating plans for holiday, summer and school year visitation

Grandparents’ Rights and Third Party Child Custody and Visitation

While grandparents have some rights, it is difficult to obtain custody or visitation over another person’s child where the biological parent and/or parents do not consent to the custody or are unable to give such an endorsement.  The legal standard is high, often times involving arguments that deal with constitutional rights well established for natural parents.  Obtaining custody and/or visitation can be arduous and it requires the advocacy of an experienced trial lawyer.  The attorneys at Dance & Waldman, PLLC can help you assess the facts of your case, identify the strengths and  weaknesses of your arguments and positions, and help you pursue your legal rights and goals.  Our attorneys are experiences in dealing with these important issues.

Fathers’ Rights for Custody and Visitation

While there is no presumption in Virginia law that favors a mother over a father in custody and visitation cases, it is often the case that a father has to overcome the social and established belief that a child’s best interest lies with a mother and that a mother is the parent best suited to raise the child.  The attorneys at Dance & Waldman, PLLC fight aggressive for the rights of fathers and will put their vast experience in family law to work for those fathers who deserve to be an equal parent.

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